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News and Interviews


2024, April 6- Winnipeg Free Press: Not just a spring thing

2024, Mar 14- Canadian Budget: 14 Best Personal Finance Books By Canadian Women

2024, Mar 13- MoneySense: How to talk to your parents about crypto

2024, Jan 25 – Canadian Business: Out: Quiet Luxury. In: Loud Budgeting.

2023, Sept 26 – Financial Pipeline: Student Budgeting 101

2023, Sept 21 – The Globe and Mail: How parents are juggling paying for kids’ education while saving for retirement as costs rise

2023, Sept 3 – CBC News: GTA parents feeling the pinch of a more expensive back-to-school season

2023, Feb 4 – Global News: Money 123: Can my 11 year old start building credit history?

2023, Jan/Feb – CPA Canada’s Pivot Magazine: Paying It Foward

2022, Oct 18 – CPA Ontario: Get Money-Smart: Financial Advice for Teens and Young Adults

2022, Sept 21 – Evan Neufeld: How to Teach Your Kids About Money: Financial Literacy Tips from Robin Taub

2022, Sept 17 – Winnipeg Free Press: Are the kids alright?

2022, Sept 4 – The Globe and Mail: What should teens do with the money they earned this summer?

2022, July 31 – The Globe and Mail: Canada’s tourist attractions are booming amid rising costs for parents

2022, July 30 – Global News: Money 123: What is the best way for lower-income earners to maximize their tax return?

2022, June 23 – TheHUB: 10 Smart Ways to Save on Back-to-School Shopping

2022, May 14 – Global News: Money123: What might be the benefits or drawbacks to using fintech apps?

2022, April 26 – Institute for Financial Literacy: The Wisest Investment wins Adult Book of the Year 2022

2022, April 18 – Globe Advisor: How separation, divorce and death can affect tax planning for clients

2022, April 13 – Wealth Professional: Does the CRA have all of your clients’ updated information?

2022, April 2 – Global News: Here’s what to know before filing your taxes in 2022

2022, March 24 – MoneySense: 6 strategies for teaching kids about money

2021, November 12 – Parents Magazine: I’m My Parents’ Retirement Plan: How the ‘Sandwich Generation’ is Providing Financial Support for Their Kids AND Parents

2021, November 8 – My Own Advisor: The Wisest Investment – Review and Giveaway

2021, May 18  – The Globe and Mail At what age should kids get a debit card?

2020, August 11  – The Globe and Mail Back to school shopping: This is the normal amount to spend per kid

2020, July 27  – Today’s Parent: Is money a taboo topic in your home?

2020, May 12  – The Globe and Mail: Parents in financial limbo after spending thousands on sports, arts and summer camps derailed by COVID-19

2020, March 10  – Vice: Should I Book a Cheap Flight? And More Coronavirus Money Questions Answered

2020, January 6  – Vice: The Best Way to Manage Your Money Isn’t What You’ve Been Told

2019, February 8  – BNN Bloomberg: Home ownership dream elusive for young Canadians who fear going broke

2018, March 22 – The Globe and Mail: Teaching kids about money is child’s play

2018, Aug 17 – Global News: Does back to school shopping have to mean big spending?

2017, Nov 3 – USA Today: We’re ditching cash. So how do we teach kids about money?

2017, Oct 23 – The Star: How to teach kids about cash in a cashless world

2017, July 27 – Reader’s Digest: 13 Money Lessons Your Kids NEED to Know Before Leaving for College

2017, June 20 – The Globe and Mail: A big fear for wealthy families: spoiled kids

2017, Feb 23 – CBC news: Lessons the tooth fairy can’t teach: Allowances can help kids learn financial savvy

2016, July 29 – The Globe and Mail: It’s 2016, but women – even in elite professions – still earn less

2016, Feb 12 – Global News: Simple tax tips to help couples score big on their tax returns

2016 – Chicago Tribune: How to teach your kids about money: Tell them early, let them spend

2016 – The Globe and Mail: Wealthy boomers keep kids from frittering away the future

2014 – intuit’s Mint: Expert Interview with Robin Taub on Teaching Kids About Money for Mint

2014 – Yahoo! Finance: Credit: How to establish healthy habits

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