Lauren Robilliard

Hi, my name is Lauren Robilliard (pronounced Row-bill-ard). I grew up in Mill Bay, British Columbia (pop. 3,200), near Victoria. I graduated in 2020 from Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, with a Bachelor of Arts double majoring in Digital Media and Sociology.
After visiting Ottawa in 2015, through an educational program called Encounters with Canada, I knew I wanted to work in the media industry. In summer 2020, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to move to Toronto – a dream come true!
A cross-country move during a global pandemic was a challenge, but my parents raised me to be financially literate, so I felt capable and prepared. I knew how to budget, stick to goals, and make wise purchasing decisions.
One of the many reasons I am so excited to be part of The Wisest Investment team, is that I get to help spread the word about financial literacy – it is such an essential life skill and I’m grateful to my parents, who made teaching me about money a priority.
In my spare time, I like to go running in the city. And one of my biggest passions is genetic genealogy! I even created a website documenting the cases that I solve.

Hi, I’m Lauren!

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