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May 2024: The Empowered Investor: Raising Money-Smart Kids is the Wisest Investment with Guest Robin Taub, CPA, CA

May 2024: Money Isn’t Scary Podcast: How to Raise Money-Smart Kids with Robin Taub

May 2024: Strong Over Skinny Podcast: Invest In You: Money, Mindset and Well-Being w/ Robin Taub

April 2024: Smart Growth Rocket: Empowering Financial Literacy in Youth

November 2023: VOCM: Foundational Financial Advice for Children and Parents with author Robin Taub

November 2023: The Unlimited Podcast by Ginsler Wealth: The Wisest Investment with Robin Taub

November 2023: CBC: Cross Country Checkup with Ian Hanomansing: Are you living with your parents to save money? (starts at 26:35)

October 2023: The Art of Allowance: Empowering Financially Independent Teens: A Parent’s Journey – With Guest Samantha Paxson (And Guest Co-host Robin Taub)

August 2023: CBC: The Current with Matt Galloway 

August 2023: Just Get Started Podcast: Robin Taub

August 2023: Northland Wealth’s Artisan Podcast: Teaching Financial Responsibility to the Next Generation

August 2023- CBC Radio: Most parents lack the confidence to talk money with their kids

July 2023- Your Money with Nancy Snedden: Does Money Buy Happiness?

July 2023- Enterprising Families podcast: Robin Taub shares on Ensuring continuity of the family wealth through The Wisest Investment

June 2023- The Art of Allowance: Patience on Your Money-Smart Journey – Featuring Kelly Mindell and guest co-host Robin Taub

June 2023- Cloudy with a Risk of Children: Loonies and Toonies: The Risk of Piggy Banks

May 2023- It’s Personal Finance Canada with Christine and Cameron Conway: The Wisest Investment

March 2023- Banking On Girls podcast with Marina Batliwalla: How Robin Taub became the award winning author of The Wisest Investment and her advice for parents

February 2023- Parenting Our Future podcast with Robbin McManne: Kids and Money: Having the Money Talk

February 2023- Moolala: Money Made Simple with Bruce Sellery: The Most Popular Finance Apps in Canada

November 2022- The Fiscal Feminist Podcast: How do we teach our kids financial responsibility?

October 2022- The Money Nerds Podcast: Talking about money with kids. How much to share? With Robin Taub

October 2022- Ottawa at Work: Tips for University Students Saving Money and Making Dollars Stretch Further

September 2022- The Canadian Money Roadmap Podcast: The Wisest Investment

September 2022- Ultrahabits with RJ Singh: Raising Money Smart Kids

August 2022- Your Money with Nancy Snedden: Back To School Spending Financial Advice (with Lauren Robilliard)

August 2022- The Your Life! Your Terms! Show: The Wisest Investment: Teaching Your Kids about Money

July 2022- The Motherhood and Money Show: Raising Financially Responsible Kids with Robin Taub of The Wisest Investment

May 2022- Shantelle Bisson’s Without Losing Your Cool Podcast: Becoming Good Financial Role Models ft Robin Taub

May 2022- CBC Radio: Who uses cash anymore? More people than you might think.

May 2022- Alain Guillot’s Life, Leadership and Money Matters Podcast: Robin Taub- Teaching your kids to be money smart

May 2022- Inspiring You Podcast: Robin Taub: CPA, Professional Speaker, Consultant and Author of The Wisest Investment

April 2022- The MoneyDad Podcast: Teach Your Kids to be Money-Smart for Life

February 2022- The Tony Steuer Podcast: with Robin Taub: Teaching Your Kids About Money

January 2022- CPA Canada: How to Talk to your Teen about the Money Side of “Adulting”

December 2021- Mostly Money with Preet Banerjee: Robin Taub on how to teach your children about money

December 2021- Money Tips for Financial Grownups: Spoiled Kids? How to talk Money during the Holidays

November 2021- Your Money with Nancy Snedden: Financial Literacy for Parents

November 2021- Just Word Podcast: The Wisest Investment: Your kids.

November 2021- Rational Reminder Podcast: Robin Taub: Teaching Kids About Money

November 2021- The Art of Allowance Podcast: Family Values and Money Conversations: With Guest Robin Taub

November 2021- Straight From the CPA’s Mouth Podcast: Financial Literacy Series: Part 2 – Building A Budget

November 2021- Straight From the CPA’s Mouth Podcast: Financial Literacy Series: Part 1 – Teaching your children about money

November 2021- Canadian MoneySaver Podcast with Ellen Roseman and Lana Sanichar: Teaching Your Kids about Financial Literacy!

October 2021- More Money Podcast with Jessica Moorhouse: How to Talk to Your Kids About Money with Robin Taub

October 2021- CFO At Home with Vince Carter: Teaching Kids to be Money Smart

September 2021- Moolala: Money Made Simple with Bruce Sellery: Learning Financial Literacy in High School

August 2021- Your Money with Nancy Snedden: Reducing Back To School Costs & Teaching Your Kids Financial Literacy

August 2021- The Couples Financial Coach Podcast: Why Your Kids’ Money-Sense Is Your Wisest Investment

August 2021- Hack Your Wealth Podcast: Financial Literacy for Kids

July 2021 – The Most Hated F Word Podcast: Raising Money-Smart Kids and Seeing Bruce Springsteen Live

July 2021 – The Young Money Podcast: The Wisest Investment

June 2021 – Newstalk 610 CKTB: The Wisest Investment

May 2021 – 680 News Radio: The Wisest Investment

May 2021 – Debt Free in 30 with Doug Hoyes: Is it a Waste of Time to Teach Kids About Money?

April 2021 – Moolala Radio and Podcast: The Wisest Investment: Teaching Kids About Money

April 2021 – Nolan Financial Radio: Wealth is a Team Sport – with Guest Robin Taub

August 2020 – The Art of Allowance Podcast: Five Jars and Many Teachable Moments Raising Money-Smart Kids – with Guest Robin Taub

August 2020 – The Burn Your Mortgage Podcast: The (Almost) Empty Nest – Renovate or Move with Robin Taub

July 2020 – The Cost of Living: CBC Radio One: Just how much money should I give my kids for an allowance?

December 2019 – Mostly Money with Preet Banerjee: Financial Gender Gaps

April 2019 – Mo’ Money Podcast: Women, Money & Financial Success

March 2019 – Moolala Radio and Podcast: The Gender Gap in Personal Finance

October 2018 – Moolala Radio and Podcast: Financial apps for kids and teens

January 2018 Moolala Radio and Podcast: What Should Kids Pay For

March 2017 – The Money Jar Podcast: A Parent’s Guide To Raising Money-Smart Kids

2016 – Mo’ Money Podcast: How to Raise Money-Smart Kids

2013 – Debt free in 30 with Doug Hoyes: The importance of teaching kids that money matters

2012 – Mostly Money: Mostly Money Mostly Canadian with Preet Banerjee

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