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October 2021- More Money Podcast with Jessica Moorhouse: How to Talk to Your Kids About Money with Robin Taub

October 2021- CFO At Home with Vince Carter: Teaching Kids to be Money Smart

September 2021- Moolala: Money Made Simple with Bruce Sellery: Changing Other People’s Minds When It Comes To Money

August 2021- Your Money with Nancy Snedden: Reducing Back To School Costs & Teaching Your Kids Financial Literacy

August 2021- Something On My Mind Podcast: The Wisest Investment

August 2021- The Couples Financial Coach Podcast: Why Your Kids’ Money-Sense Is Your Wisest Investment

August 2021- Hack Your Wealth Podcast: Financial Literacy for Kids

July 2021 – The Most Hated F Word Podcast: Raising Money-Smart Kids and Seeing Bruce Springsteen Live

July 2021 – The Young Money Podcast: The Wisest Investment 

June 2021 – Newstalk 610 CKTB: The Wisest Investment

May 2021 – 680 News Radio: The Wisest Investment

May 2021 – Debt Free in 30 with Doug Hoyes: Is it a Waste of Time to Teach Kids About Money?

April 2021 – Moolala Radio and Podcast: The Wisest Investment: Teaching Kids About Money

April 2021 – Nolan Financial Radio: Wealth is a Team Sport – with Guest Robin Taub

August 2020 – The Art of Allowance Podcast: Five Jars and Many Teachable Moments Raising Money-Smart Kids – with Guest Robin Taub

August 2020 – The Burn Your Mortgage Podcast: The (Almost) Empty Nest – Renovate or Move with Robin Taub

July 2020 – The Cost of Living: CBC Radio One: Just how much money should I give my kids for an allowance?

December 2019 – Mostly Money with Preet Banerjee: Financial Gender Gaps

April 2019 – Mo’ Money Podcast: Women, Money & Financial Success

March 2019 – Moolala Radio and Podcast: The Gender Gap in Personal Finance

October 2018 – Moolala Radio and Podcast: Financial apps for kids and teens

January 2018 Moolala Radio and Podcast: What Should Kids Pay For

March 2017 – The Money Jar Podcast: A Parent’s Guide To Raising Money-Smart Kids

2016 – Mo’ Money Podcast: How to Raise Money-Smart Kids

2013 – Debt free in 30 with Doug Hoyes: The importance of teaching kids that money matters

2012 – Mostly Money: Mostly Money Mostly Canadian with Preet Banerjee

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