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*Winner of the EIFLE award for Best Adult Book of 2022 by the Institute for Financial Literacy.*

If you’re too busy parenting to read another parenting book, this book is for you!

As parents, you know that teaching your kids about money is critical to success in life, but studies show that many parents feel they lack the time, knowledge and experience to do it well. Add the seismic shift towards a cashless, digital society – accelerated in our-post-pandemic world – and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

With The Wisest Investment: Teaching Your Kids to Be Responsible, Independent and Money-Smart for Life, Chartered Professional Accountant Robin Taub puts you at ease, by laying out a roadmap for teaching your kids about money.

You will learn:

  • the Five Pillars of Money: Earn, Save, Spend, Share and Invest
  • age-appropriate (from young kids to emerging adults) examples, actions and guidelines for all five pillars
  • how to instill solid values in your children to help guide and prioritize their financial decisions
  • how to help your children establish healthy money habits for life
  • how to capitalize on “teachable moments” about money in countless everyday scenarios
  • how to enhance your own money knowledge, so you can “lead by example”
  • how to explain and navigate our increasingly cashless, post-pandemic world

Written in short, punchy chapters, it’s a go-to resource for time-starved parents like you. Filled with practical guidance and examples, suggested activities, worksheets and self-assessment tools, it’s a book you will turn to again and again.

Teaching your kids to be money-smart will pay off in numerous ways and just may be the wisest investment you make.

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