School’s out for summer… but looking ahead to next year!
June 3, 2024

It finally happened!

Ontario is introducing a financial literacy component as part of new high school *graduation requirements*.

There will be significant changes to high school programs and requirements over the next two years. This includes emphasizing financial literacy and exposure to priority economic sector careers.

These reforms are designed to provide students with essential life skills and better prepare them for the workforce:

💰 Financial Literacy Requirement: Starting in 2025, Grade 10 students will need to complete a financial literacy component within their math course, covering practical skills such as budgeting, saving and fraud protection. Students must score at least 70% to meet this graduation requirement.

👩‍🔧 Technological Education Credit: From September 2024, students entering Grade 9 will be required to earn a Grade 9 or 10 Technological Education Credit to graduate.

👩‍⚕️ Revamped Career Education: The government is updating the guidance and career education program to reflect evolving professions and future job trends.

Do you think you could score at least 70% on a grade 10 financial literacy test?! I hope to get my hands on a copy of the final exam and share it with you soon!

While this is great news in Ontario, we hope to see similar progress across the country. But even if there is a financial literacy requirement to graduate in your province, territory or state, as parents, grandparents, advisors and mentors, you still have such an important role to play in making The Wisest Investment

Picture of black graduation cap with the words "My province made the wisest investment by teaching me about money" on it in white text