The Wisest Investment now has Dual Citizenship!
January 9, 2024
The Wisest Investment now has Dual Citizenship!

The US edition of The Wisest Investment: Teaching Your Kids to be Responsible, Independent and Money-Smart for Life is now available to help empower the next generation of Americans to be responsible, independent and money-smart for life.

Why this book?

  • Most Americans believe it is a parent’s job to teach their kids about money. And according to a recent study, 64% of students rely on parents and family members as their main source of financial advice.
  • But just 15% of parents reported speaking with their children about household finances more than once a week. 31% never discuss it with their children.
  • Parents may not know what topics to cover. They may lack guidance on how to bring up financial conversations or simply feel uncomfortable discussing money matters with their children.

Why now?

  • Stagnant wages, high house prices, skyrocketing student loans, elevated interest rates, and lingering inflation have all caused concern about the future financial wellbeing of the next generation.

How is the US edition different from the CAD edition?

  • The “why”, “how” and “what” of teaching young people about money is universal, but the “where” in this edition is different.
  • Although Canada and the US are close neighbours/neighbors, there are many cultural and economic differences, including spelling, terminology and currency used, as well as in how the two countries approach health care and post-secondary education costs. And of course, there are completely different tax regimes and incentives.
  • The US edition addresses all of these issues, while delivering valuable, time-tested information and strategies to help parents, grandparents, mentors, wealth advisors and others teach the next generation about money.

Where can I get it?

  • In the US, you can purchase the US edition, in either paperback or ebook, on here.
  • In Canada, you can purchase the US edition in both formats on here. It makes a great gift to start the year off right!
    It is also available through other online retailers.

How can I help spread the word?

  • Word of mouth and positive reviews on Amazon are the best ways to help spread the word.
  • If you read and enjoyed the Canadian edition of The Wisest Investment, please recommend the US edition to your US-based family, friends, colleagues, financial advisors and wealth managers.
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