Are you young enough to join CARP/AARP?
May 9, 2023

Lauren Robilliard, our media and marketing manager, just joined the Canadian Association of Retired People (CARP).

But wait – Lauren is only 24 years old and still working full time – why would she do that?! 

With inflation hovering at 4.3% in Canada and 4.98% in the US, it’s one way to help cut costs. In Canada, a CARP membership gives discounts and deals on:

  • travel (hotels and car rentals)
  • insurance (for cars, pets, property, and travel, to name a few)
  • health products (walking poles, walk-in tubs, prescription eyewear)
  • entertainment (magazine and newspaper subscriptions, Ancestry membership)

For our American friends, AARP membership also includes discounts on:

  • gas and auto services
  • restaurants and food delivery
  • cell phone plans

In the US, anyone 13 and older can join online and in Canada, there is no minimum age. While many of the discounts and deals are aimed at older people (like the emails for hearing aids and stair walkers that Lauren has been getting), there are plenty of cost-saving promotions for young people too.

Media and Marketing Manager Lauren holds up her CARP membership card.
Media and Marketing Manager Lauren Robilliard with her brand new CARP card!

Sign up for CARP or AARP today!