Financial Literacy Month is Here!
November 3, 2022

Did you that November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada?

The Canadian Task Force on financial literacy defined it as: “having the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions at every life stage”. But what does it mean to you

  • knowing how to earn, save, spend, share and invest;
  • the ability to look after yourself and your family and live the life you want;
  • avoiding bad financial habits, money stress or expensive mistakes;
  • having the foundation to be a good steward of wealth;
  • being responsible and financially independent;
  • your secret weapon as a financial advisor or wealth manager, for adding value to your clients and connecting with the next generation?

Depending on who you are, it’s some or all of these things. And ideally, Financial Literacy Month isn’t just November, it’s every month!

A baby picture of Robin, with a caption that nobody is born knowing about financial literacy.
No one is born knowing about money, including me!

Financial Literacy Month events

  • CPA Ontario’s annual conference for high school students, parents and teachers, Money Sense: Make Money Your Superpower. It took place on November 17 and I was thrilled to be this year’s keynote speaker. 
  • I joined the FidelityConnects webcast on November 22, to talk about The Wisest Investment: Financial Literacy for the Next Generation. This was a private event for Fidelity Investments Canada financial advisors.
  • I answered questions about making The Wisest Investment at a virtual fireside chat on November 23, hosted by the York and Durham Public Libraries.