The following list of resources will help you learn more about the different topics covered in my book. Because I’m constantly finding fantastic new ones, it made sense to move this list online, where I can update it regularly. Other readers stop by often and have frequently made excellent suggestions for me to check out and add.

Government of Canada Websites

Provincial Websites

Other Valuable Resources

  • Tangerine’s Forward Thinking Blog: Stories, articles and other information about personal finance topics from a wide variety of contributors.
  • Epilogue Wills: For 15% off your purchase, please use code WISESTINVESTMENT15
  • Money Savvy Pig: Multi-slotted piggy bank that teaches kids about money.
  • Hacking Sophia: Bite-sized wisdom for time-starved working moms.
  • The Grumpy Accountant, by Neal Winokur, CPA, CA: Taxes are no laughing matter, but this book is full of humour, not to mention 29 very practical tax tips. It’s easy to read and understand and I recommend it to all Canadians, especially those who dread doing their taxes. (Seinfeld fans will enjoy the Easter eggs throughout the book.)
  • KiddieNomics: KiddieNomics is a fun, informative and free kids webinar series educating kids age 8 – 13 years old about all aspects of financial literacy.

Not-For-Profit Websites

Financial Literacy in the Classroom


There are many money apps that are suitable for young children.

Bankaroo App


Is a virtual bank for kids that teaches them to budget, save up for goals, and spend responsibly.

Bankaroo App

iAllowance Lite

Lets parents manage their kids’ allowance, setting it up weekly or paying out special rewards. It can also track chores and send out push reminders.

Savings Spree App Link

Savings Spree

By the makers of the multi-slotted piggy bank, teaches kids how to save for short-term goals, spend wisely by making frugal decisions, donate to others or invest money so it will grow to meet long-term goals like university.

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