Are you looking for a dynamic speaker with a talent for making personal finance talks both engaging and informative?

I deliver keynotes, breakout sessions and workshops. I’ve spoken in cities and towns across Canada and in the U.S., at conferences, schools, community centres and wealth management firms, to parents, educators and wealth advisors. Known for my engaging and insightful talks about raising money-smart kids, my audiences learn why it’s important to teach your kids about money, how to go about it and what to talk about. You leave the room feeling empowered to get your own financial houses in order so you can lead by example.

The biggest audience I’ve addressed to date was at the Walrus Talks Philanthropy, where I had to take the stage right after Margaret Atwood!

In addition to doing keynotes, I’m also a sought after panelist on any financial topic, from budgeting, saving and investing, to paying for post-secondary studies. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to schedule a talk or discuss a customized workshop. You can also view videos of my talks, and see a list of my upcoming and past
speaking engagements.

The Wisest Investment: Teaching Your Kids to Be Responsible, Independent and Money-Smart for Life

What is the wisest investment? Is it a post-secondary education? Your house? An emergency fund? Your investment portfolio?

No. The wisest investment doesn’t even cost money.

The wisest investment is teaching your kids about money.

Most parents know that teaching their kids about money is critical to success in life, but studies show that many parents feel they lack the time, knowledge and experience to do it well. Add the seismic shift towards a cashless, digital society – accelerated in our post-pandemic world – and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

In The Wisest Investment: Teaching Your Kids to Be Responsible, Independent and Money-Smart for Life, Robin shares strategies for time-starved parents who want to raise responsible, independent, money-smart kids for life. You will:

  • learn to capitalize on “teachable moments” about money in countless everyday scenarios,
  • discover the importance of being a good financial role model so you can lead by example, and
  • understand how to instill solid values in your kids, to help guide and prioritize their financial decisions.

Robin will also reveal her framework for teaching age-appropriate money lessons at every stage of your child’s life.

The stakes are too high to leave this crucial education to chance. Raising kids with good financial habits, grounded in a solid understanding of and respect for money, will pay off in numerous ways. It just may be the wisest investment you make.



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