Raising Money-Smart Kids: How to Teach Your Kids about Money While Learning a Few Things Yourself

“A treasure chest of great ideas presented in short, punchy chapters. Excellent!”

– David Chilton, author of The Wealthy Barber

Robin Taub Book Cover

Like most parents, do you feel a responsibility to teach your kids about money, but also feel you lack the knowledge, time or confidence to do it well? You’re not alone. Teaching kids about money is easier said than done, especially in today’s digital world. Raising Money-Smart Kids shows you how to build money lessons into your daily lives so that money is not a taboo topic at home. It guides you through the five key areas of money management – Earn, Save, Spend, Share and Invest – and provides hands-on examples and suggestions that are specific and appropriate for each stage of your kids’ lives. The book also explains why it’s important to teach your kids about money – for their sake and for yours – and helps you get smarter with money so that you can lead by example.

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