Tax Time
March 17, 2022

I’m looking forward to spring! More sunshine, warmer weather and longer days to enjoy both. But when I worked in public accounting, I dreaded this time of year. It was also “tax season” and I was one grumpy accountant.

Seems I was not alone. My colleague Neal Winokur, CPA, CA, wrote a book called The Grumpy Accountant, a plan to simplify the tax system and eliminate tax season. He also provides over 29 tax tips that will help you lower your tax bill. (Seinfeld fans will love this book!)

Until Neal’s dream of eliminating tax season comes true, if you owe tax or are entitled to a refund, you have to file and pay your personal taxes by May 2, 2022. But filing your taxes has become a lot easier using software like TurboTax – no matter how simple or complex your tax situation. Plus, it’s completely free for young adults 25 and under (as at Dec, 31, 2021). So make this the year your young adult child starts filing on their own! You can use this checklist to get them started.

Last week we celebrated International Women’s Day and looking ahead to April, we hope you’ll consider joining us at the following virtual conferences focusing on women and money.

  • On April 6, I will be speaking on the Women Claiming Wealth at Home panel, at the Women Claiming Wealth virtual conference hosted by Kelly Keehn. Early bird tickets are available until March 25.
  • On April 9, I will be speaking on the How to Raise Independent and Financially Savvy Kids panel at the Mamas Talk Money: The Legacy You Leave virtual conference hosted by Chelsea Brennan.
Robin standing by an Intuit Turbotax display in a Staples store.
If you like your TurboTax out of a box, Staples has you covered!