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The Kids Are Not All Right

…whose responsibility is it to educate today’s youth in responsible financial planning? Arguably, parents are having a tough enough time managing their own finances and may lack the skills to educate their kids.


Are Canadian parents good financial role models? 25% grade themselves a ‘C’

Parents usually know best, but when it comes to setting a good financial example for their kids, a quarter of Canadian parents give themselves a ‘C’. A new survey from ING DIRECT revealed that while 92% of Canadian parents believe they should be responsible for teaching their kids about money, 61% feel they could be doing more to educate their kids about the basics of saving and spending.

Students, young adults, ask us how you can save on taxes

Should young adults, the ones who earn little or no money, bother filing a tax return? What kinds of tax breaks are available to students and how do they go about getting them?

Chartered accountant Robin Taub, the author of A Parent’s Guide to Raising Money-Smart Kids, answered your tax-related questions.